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Balance stations offer mobility to underutilised muscles with the added benefit, like all of the Active Workarea stations of having an energising effect

The inherent instability of the balance options requires core stability muscles to be engaged without requiring attention to be diverted from work 

Choose from 

  • Balance Board - requires a higher degree of balance skills, possibly not so suitable for the novice user as the effort to balance will detract from screen work but can be quickly mastered to give the most active balance option

  • Balance Dome -this equipment is two sided, "easy" and "not so easy".  Both provide an 'unstable' surface which is good because core stability muscles are engaged but both sides can be used for long periods without detracting from work. These include resistance bands which adds upper body resistance exercises into the mix - something which is much needed by the average office worker

  • Balance Pad  - deep foam cushioning to provide a comfy but unstable surface for movement whilst working

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