EQUIPMENT: Treadmill desk OR height adjustable desk PLUS treadmill, bike or stepper
BENEFITS: Mobility, Weight loss, Offset metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular issues caused by sitting, Mood Enhancements, Productivity gains.
SPACE & DESIGN: 1800 x 1800 total space needed, freestanding, suggested central placement to encourage usage.
NOISE & DISTACTION: low, around 30db similar to dehumidifier / portable air conditioner. Constant uniform movement limited distraction
WORK CONTINUES?: Yes. Assuming users can work between desks ( i.e wifi) then work continues. Intended usage 10 minutes to 120 minutes+
PRICE: < £1000. Choose your desk type from below then choose your cardio equipment
Desk Option

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Cardio Option

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The Cardio Station means users leave their seated desk and work for extended periods in a hot-desk style setup when staff need a break from sitting.

Choose from our range of standing desks and steady-state equipment to create your perfect Active Workstation setup or follow our recommended options 

We believe this is the best option for productivity as work can continue uninterrupted* 

Add additional stations to address the other exercise components ( eg. balance station, resistance station) allowing users to rotate between them throughout the day. 

*This assumes the computing set up allows for the ability to work in a different location other than one specific desk. Wifi and laptops normally aid this best  but the arrangement is also perfectly achievable with a wired lan and desktop computers

For steady-state options chose from one of the following:

  • Treadmill LX  - the wider platformed, more powerful incline model suitable for all day usage. The most popular option for a department

  • Treadmill  - the best selling compact Office Walker. Very quiet, compact and discrete

  • Fitbike range  - great alternative to the treadmill for those who prefer to get their activity in bike form

  • Stepper - toning and cardio crossover option. Hugely effective for such a small footprint