Equipment: if set against a wall then thiis means Suspension Bars and Straps. If freestanding in the middle of a room = Anchor frame + straps.
Reason: Addresses chronically poor muscle tone of most office workers, muscle = fat burning, serotonin kick and mood enhancements from energy expenditure, energy boost.
Space: 1800 x 2500 total space needed, next to a wall for suspension straps anchor point or freestanding option available.
Noise and distraction considerations: zero noise. Option to screen off but would suggest not to in order to encourage usage. Staff get used to this quickly and the best way to promote activity is to make this (and all of these) very visible.
Work continues?: No but usage is very short lived ( 2-3 minutes every hour or two) with the remaining hour energy levels being higher.
Price: < £600
Resistance Option

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Addresses a much needed toning and mobility component for both tight and stretched postural muscles.  Office workers commonly have the poorest muscle tone resulting in a wide range of musculoskeletal issues - most notably lower back pain. 

Similar in concept to the Cardio workstation the Resistance Workstation is intended as an active break option for individuals or whole departments.  

Typically this would be used to provide quick access to muscle relief for often stretched, tight and imbalanced postural muscles caused by excessive sitting. 

Complements Cardio Workstation by offering shorter bouts of resistance work - 2-3 minutes every hour is all you need.

Add additional stations to address the other exercise components ( eg. balance station, cardio station) allowing users to rotate between them throughout the day. 

For your resistance option choose from:

  • Wallbars - a gymnasium classic and ideally suited for offices giving  workers the ability to stretch and hang relieving the build up of many postural issues. Very versatile equipment for stretching and strength

  • Suspension Straps  - provide a noiseless way to use bodyweight to row working the stretched and weakened extensor chain muscles which are completely neglected due to office work

  • Adjustable Dummbells - easily adjustable cradle mounted weights which can be kept within arms reach for frequent usage. Huge range of upper body exercise option

  • Stepper  - The lower body strenthener. Stepping works the largest muscles including the glutes which are completely under utilised normally and is the primary cause of many lower back issues