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A well-seated proposal

As a health practitioner, you're well aware of the hazards of sitting many hours a day. Poor circulation, stiffness and short extendors – not to mention the accumulated weakness in overall musculature.
Fortunately, people are beginning to not only recognise the dangers of sedentary work – they're beginning to take action as well. Recently there has been quite a lot of research and press about what we can do to avoid problems related to immobility.
One of the innovations that is currently getting quite a lot of attention is the ball chair. Don't be put off by their funky looks – they're actually terrifically effective in building up muscle strength, increasing  circulation and avoiding stiffness. But you probably already knew that. 

Shall We Lend Each Other a Hand?

Who would be better qualified to recommend healthy sitting than skilled therapists such as yourself?
That is why we would like you to partner with us – and in return we'll give you a ball chair for free. Aside from that, we'll also pay you 10 GBP for every chair sold based upon your recommendation.
That way, everybody wins: You can offer your clients a discount on a chair that really offers healthy sitting; your clients will be in better shape at a discount; and we reach a wider audience for our chairs.
And, you yourself will be sitting in the healthiest possible chair,  for free.
Sounds good? Here's how it works:

  • We'll send you a ball chair at no cost at all. (applies to the 'no-back rest' model. Details and conditions below). The only thing we require is that you use the chair in your practice and not at home.
  • We'll supply you with brochures to hand out to your clients. Each of these has a special 10% discount coupon with a tracking number. This number tells us the purchase resulted from your referral, so that we know to send you the 10 GBP we owe you.
  • Every purchase made with this discount code entitles you to a GBP10 commission. You'll be notified right away, and the money will be sent to you either by cheque or via PayPal, within 48 hours.
  • After four weeks we'll contact you to see if you want to keep the chair. If you don't, just return it and we're done, no hard feelings and no costs.
  • If during those four weeks you've sent one or more customers our way, and you want to keep the chair, the next five sales will be commission-free, to compensate us for the chair we sent you. After those five, you'll go back to earning 10 GBP for every chair we sell with your help.
  • If you sent no customers our way in the first four weeks but you do want to keep the chair, we will let you have it for only 30% of the retail price.
  • If upon receiving your chair, you find it's not as you expected, simply let us know within four days and you can return it to us for free. No ties.

That's it – no small print and no excuses. A simple, honest way for your clients to sit better, for you to make a little money on the side, and for our chairs to find a wider audience.
If you'd like to join our affiliate program, give us a call at 02380 982289, or send us an email at We've got  a chair waiting for you right here.

Kindest Regards,

Paul Matthews.

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