2014 Fitness Trends

Any physical activity is good for the body and can aid in weight loss, but everyone has their preferences. Some people will choose a spin class over yoga, while others will stick to their own cardio and weights training programme with familiar fitness and exercise equipment. Others may find training alone too boring, and need the stimulation of an instructor at all times. We are all different, and to embrace those differences here’s a selection of the hottest fitness trends for 2016.

Digital Personal Training

That’s right – almost everything else in the world has entered the digital stratosphere, and now tailored fitness programmes and classes have joined the club. When people think of personal training, they think of an especially hardcore gym session involving being yelled at by a buff stranger. But times are swiftly changing, as last year we saw the introduction of a few virtual fitness classes inside gyms, such as virtual spin, and some gyms across the pond started screening video classes with their instructors 24 hours a day, so one can only presume the UK will catch onto that soon.

In addition, personal trainers all over the world have transferred their personalised training programmes online allowing clients who aren’t geographically close to them access to their services. Live Skype training is becoming increasingly popular with instructors offering group virtual sessions or personal instruction. Technology is not only impacting the way we work and socialise, it is now affecting the way we work out – this essentially opens doors for people to live, work, and go to the gym on entirely different continents.

Combination Classes

Fitness instructors, once again in the USA, are suggesting combo classes will prove popular in 2016. For example, a 60 minute class is divided into 2 styles of workout – this is a great idea for people who are short of time and want to work on more than one area. The most popular example of this at the moment is a spin yoga combo, where participants spend 30 minutes doing cardio on a spin bike, then the final half an hour working on relaxation and flexibility. Keep an eye out for gyms following this trend soon.

More Yoga

Yoga has been around for a very long time, so you’re probably wondering why it’s on this list. Popularity of yoga is expected to soar, not only for beginners to exercise but for serious gym bunnies who are looking to cross-train in a bid to improve all round health and fitness. Yoga is so far number 2 in Yahoo’s 2016 list of most searched work outs, beaten only by military style training program CrossFit. And guess what? They have even suggested rounding out a CrossFit weekly routine with a couple of yoga sessions to add complimentary stability and mobility training. Yoga for everybody!

Active Offices

Admittedly, we may be biased in suggesting this one but with the steady stream of reports in 2013 about the dangers of sitting, we really think 2016 is the year when offices start to become more active. We're starting from an incredibly low base but the change is welcome. Significant numbers are choosing to sit less, move more and work more actively.  Whether that means working standing up, keeping desk side resistance equipment or just changing routines in order to be less sedentary, 2016 is set to be the year when the sitting convention is finally broken.