5 Ways Physical Exercise Makes Your Brain Work Better

Regular exercise could be the key to your workplace woes. Here’s why exercise is not just good for your body, it can also do wonders for the sharpness of your brain

  • It can enhance your memory

Find yourself forgetting names, or struggling with the question ‘what did you have for breakfast this morning?’. You can combat this by doing regular exercise. If you’re looking to keep your memory in tip top condition, aerobic exercises are some of the best you can do. Aerobics enhances your hippocampus at the very epicentre of your memory and learning systems.

  • It can boost your concentration

For even the best of us, concentrating on our work day in, day out can be a momentous task. Exercise can improve your focus threefold, as demonstrated by this study carried out with Dutch school students. After daily fitness classes for an entire year, the students not only became physically fitter, but were able to multitask and ignore distractions during classes.

  • It can keep your mental health in check

Mental health is currently on everyone’s radar, with more and more people suffering with mental health issues and ailments. Whether you love exercise or simply loathe it, there’s no denying the effect that it can have on your brain. We all know about endorphins and the good feelings they give you. While it’s easy to dismiss exercise after a long day at work, if you’re feeling stressed or close to burnout, half an hour on the treadmill could be the perfect way to perk up your mood and even stave off depression.

  • It can make you more creative

We’re often taught to view the world in stereotypes and creativity and athleticism can seem like they’re on opposite ends of the scale. But, did you know that doing regular exercise could make you more creative? A lot of the great thinkers throughout history were proponents of a good walk to get their creative juices flowing, and there’s scientific study to back it up.

  • It can slow cognitive decline

We’re all living much longer these days, and while this thought can be exciting, concerns about health – both physical and mental – can be an issue. Doing regular aerobic exercise in your younger years can have huge benefits later on in life. It can even help to fight early onset dementia