On average British people sit for 8.9 hours every day and studies have found evidence that passively sitting for long periods of time can increase the risk of heart disease, back ache, and diabetes. The affects not only have a significant impact on the health of employees working in office spaces but on the bottom line of businesses to, in terms of staff sickness and productivity. The experts at Office Fitness have created a new sit-stand work station that makes it simple for employers to transform their areas into more active spaces, increasing both their staff wellbeing and operations.

“Creating an active workspace that considers the health of employees doesn’t have to mean huge outgoing costs and time-consuming set up, it can be really simple and still deliver benefits. A sit-stand workstation is the perfect way to create a flexible option that allows each member of staff to be comfortable throughout the day without interrupting their normal working routines.”

The Office Fitness Desk Riser LX is the latest edition of the firm’s bestselling Desk Riser range, utilising gas assisted height adjustment at the touch of a lever for added ease of use. The newest product to join the range offers all the same benefits, including the ergonomic design created with easy set-up in mind, as previous models. All Desk Riser products can be used with existing desks, removing the need to change current office equipment, and are robust enough to support multiple heavyweight monitors. With the ability to modify any desk or cubicle, the Desk Riser LX provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional standing desks and improving the health of a business’ workforce. The Desk Riser comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box, removing the need for time consuming set-up, and employees are able to swap from sitting to standing seamlessly throughout their working day immediately.

To find out more visit www.officefitness.co.uk.


We are a small team of fitness experts (physios, sports scientists, sports-people) looking to change the way the modern office operates through carefully selected equipment and familiar exercises in an unfamiliar setting. All the equipment you need will be here along with the series of exercises designed to work while you are seated and with a desk in front. Intrigued? Excellent. For now, Office Fitness retails products that can turn your desk area into a desk gym but in the coming months we will be releasing a range of free and subscription based software, that allow day long, desk-job workouts. So why not begin the journey, take the first step away from the sedentary office and start keeping fit at work!


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