Healthy Lunches To Tempt Taste Buds

But taking these steps can be hard, especially with a severe case of the January blues when most of us crave nothing more than hearty food in front of the television.  Losing weight begins with calorie consumption, and a significant 30% of a person’s daily calories are consumed at work.  With this in mind, a healthy change starts with lunch and cutting out those desk-side snacks.  Here are a few delicious lunch ideas, low in fat and salt, to ensure a healthier diet.

Asian Chicken Salad

Salads are a great lunch choice and are easily prepared the night before or before leaving for work in the morning.  Use a mixture of salad leaves, chopped cucumber, onion, coriander and a deseeded and thinly sliced chili.  Boil the chicken breast for 10 minutes, then shred and stir together with 1 tbsp each of fish sauce and lime zest.  Place the chicken on top of the bed of leaves and vegetables to create a tasty salad ideal for lunch.  If you find it too dry, try to add more lime juice rather than a salad dressing as these can be high in calories.

Chickpea Soup

Soups are a great lunch option, especially during winter.  This vegetarian delight is simple to make and only has a total of 5g fat.  To prepare, fry gently 1 chopped onion and 2 sticks of chopped celery for 10 minutes.  Into the saucepan add 2tbsp cumin, 600ml vegetable stock and a can of chickpeas.  Next, add 100g frozen broad beans, 400g chopped plum tomatoes and season with black pepper, a choice of herbs and lemon juice to your taste.  Why not make a batch at the weekend and split into different Tupperware boxes for each day?

The Modern Sandwich

Some people just find it too hard to remove themselves from the notion of having a sandwich for lunch.  A sandwich can still be a healthy option, as long as wholemeal bread is used and the filling portion is controlled.  If you have to include a form of meat, then choose a lean meat such as chicken or even better, tuna or salmon, and leave out the cheese.  An even healthier alternative is the green hummus sandwich. Using two slices of multigrain or wholemeal bread, spread one side with hummus and on the other place rocket leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes, and sliced avocado.  Season with pepper and enjoy a delicious, healthy sandwich.