For many of us, the idea of spending an hour in the gym after a long day at work is fairly unappealing but the SilentDrive Vibration Plate is the ideal method of generating discrete but highly efficient motion whilst at work. In general exercise muscles normally contract once or twice a second but with vibration plate training, the vibrations cause an automatic reflex of 30-50 contractions a second

 Paul Matthews, Owner of Office Fitness Ltd said, “Employers are being advised by health officials to make changes to their workstations to ensure the environment is as healthy as possible. The UK loses around 2 million working days annually for illnesses relating to lower limbs, so solutions like the Silent Drive are a return on investment that promotes a happier workforce and more efficient and profitable business.”

Many companies are now offering standing options for their workers. Whilst this greatly addresses many of the serious health issues associated with prolonged sitting, the issue of minimal movement and poor muscle tone still remains.  Desk side equipment such as the SilentDrive allows for ‘little and often’ bursts of activity that are meaningful but non-intrusive throughout the working day.

Matthews added, "Prolonged static standing has been proven to have negative health implications, including muscle straining, pressure on joints and swelling in the lower limbs. Regular movement is the obvious solution, but if the role requires you to remain in one spot, this can be difficult to arrange. In as little as five minutes, workers can get the same benefit from the plate as a session of high-impact training without the stress. Aside from this it's actually just a fun thing to do for a few minutes and gives a resulting burst of energy that lasts well into the next hour."

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We are a small team of fitness experts looking to change the way the modern office operates through carefully selected equipment and familiar exercises in an unfamiliar setting. All the equipment you need will be here along with the series of exercises designed to work while you are seated and with a desk in front. Intrigued? Excellent. For now, Office Fitness retails products that can turn your desk area into a desk gym but in the coming months we will be releasing a range of free and subscription based software, that allow day long, desk-job workouts. So why not begin the journey, take the first step away from the sedentary office and start keeping fit at work!


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