This is a good ideal to work towards, but it is just as important to keep our minds in tip top shape.  Medical professionals have actually established that physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing are closely related, so one can help the other. 

But what is mental wellbeing? Most people think of mental wellbeing as happiness, but it refers to so much more.  Mental wellbeing is a way of living, one that is good for you and others surrounding you and for this reason it can be particularly useful in the workplace.  Feelings such as self-confidence, contentment and enjoyment are all a part of mental wellbeing, which should be encouraged in every department.  Of course, there will be darker times when you feel other difficult emotions such as in times of economic uncertainty, when pressure to bring in or retain business builds and important deadlines loom but with a good mental wellbeing you will have the resilience to cope with tough circumstances.  Here are our top tips to improve mental wellbeing even during the most stressful of days.

Connect – making a connection with those around you will boost wellbeing.  Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues or strangers, building on these relationships is a major step in mental wellbeing.  Spend time with a friend over lunch or plan to visit your family after work.

Give – An act of selflessness in any proportion guarantees to make you feel good about yourself.  It could be anything as small as a smile or a compliment, or if you have some spare time why not volunteer for a local community organisation or a charity.  This could help you build social networks too, so it worth considering if you’d like more social interaction outside of the workplace. It can also be something you bring your whole office together with by initiative such as setting up a donation point in the office for canned goods, pet food or unwanted clothes. It can also be tied in to office fitness and health by arranging charity events such as sponsored runs and walks or similar.

Take Notice – Observing the world around you more closely has a surprising impact on mental wellbeing.  Being aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and bodily senses, and paying attention to the present moment is sometimes referred to as mindfulness, and is proven to improve mental wellbeing.  It makes sense, as so many people rush through life without stopping to look around – take a moment to take note of life unfolding around you.

If you have concerns about your mental wellbeing, speak to a doctor or mental care specialist.