Office Fitness Launch Table Tennis Meeting Table, To Turn Boardrooms Into Ping-Pong Courts In One Second Flat

The Table Tennis Meeting Table turns any boardroom into a world-class ping pong venue, offering workers a burst of adrenaline perfect for beating the lethargy that besieges many offices.

A recent report commissioned by the British Council of Offices discovered that 43% of workers prefer a non-traditional office environment as opposed to the corporate design that is standard in many offices. Bespoke, funky fit-outs have been proven to increase productivity in around 60% of people, and features like exercise resources, break-out areas and ways to unwind can help to combat the adverse effects that often come with working at a desk all day.

The Table Tennis Meeting Table is a prime example of this ethos in action; when not being used for high-powered board meetings with company executives, team members can convert the table into a portable ping pong venue that gives them a chance to let off some steam and get active for a short time. Bursts of activity are very valuable in the workplace; exercise can help to stimulate the brain and keep motivation high, so the Table Tennis Meeting Table can help employees to find a great balance between fun and work.

Office Fitness Director Paul Matthews said, “It is no secret that office workers perform better when they are placed in an environment that is not so restricted. Shirt-and-tie offices with traditional desks and break areas can be very limiting for employees that need to be able to unleash their creativity at a moment’s notice, and our fantastic new Table Tennis Meeting Table allows them to discuss crucial agendas and get ten minutes of adrenaline-pumping excitement at the same time.”

The durable laminate finish of the Table Tennis Meeting Table ensures that there will be no scuff marks in an important table when it comes to the negotiating of important deals. There are numerous different sizes that could suit all rooms, and the quality net, sponge bats and balls are all included to ensure play gets up and running as soon as the table arrives. The multifunctional nature of the table is also a great way for smaller workplaces to save on space, by doubling up their meeting room as a leisure and relaxation space for their employees.

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