Office Fitness Active Rooms is a practical and cost-effective means by which companies can embark on a Health at Work initiative for their employees. The concept involves a hot-desking style facility with standing desks and associated fitness equipment for standing, stepping and walking whilst working. Employers can allow staff to take an exercise break but still remain productive.

The idea of standing for periods during the day is key as studies carried out by the Mayo Clinic shows the simple act of being upright burns 40% more calories, raises heart rates on average by 10bpm and helps stave off many of the damaging effects of prolonged sedentary behaviour reported so widely in recent studies

 The British Heart Foundation (BHF) research, carried out in December 2012 with YouGov, found that nearly one in five workers (18%) do absolutely no physical activity during working hours and only 27% manage 20 minutes or less over the entire working day.

Being desk-bound translates to work stress with two-fifths of employers reporting stress-related absence has increased over the last year ( average cost of absence per employee is £600 per year)

 To find how easy it is to set up an Active Room download the attached images. 

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