The Business Benefits of a Healthy Workforce

Sickness at work costs UK employers £12.2 billion each year, and it is therefore in the interest of the company to support an employee’s return to work and take action to improve their health.  One employee’s absence can have a detrimental effect on a whole workforce, and indeed the overall organisation’s performance.  In an attempt to highlight these issues to employers, we have made a list of the business benefits of a healthy workforce for your consideration…

Reduced Absenteeism

Improved health of employees should result in a reduced number of absent employees, meaning less money spent on sick pay.  This also impacts productivity, as when staff take time off work there is more than just a financial cost to be considered.  Improved productivity goes hand in hand with reduced absenteeism, which can affect more than just one employee.

Reduced Staff Turnover

Ill health can lead to early retirement, which is an unfortunate and costly issue for employers.  Losing employees on ill health grounds means replacing valuable, experienced members of staff which costs time and money.  Sometimes this situation is inevitable, but if the health condition causing the retirement was preventable, or acquired in the workplace, then this has created a huge problem that was in essence, avoidable.

Improved Staff Morale and Job Satisfaction

Healthy staff are more likely to be pro-active, productive and continuously committed to goals and personal and business development.  Healthy, happy employees are less likely to cause conflict, which is a common factor in workplace stress and leading to absenteeism.  Improved morale and wellbeing also reduces staff turnover as a whole, as employees will have a greater sense of job satisfaction.  This means as a business, you will attract and keep hold of qualified, experienced staff, which in the long term reduces loss of knowledge and skills. This also means that money that would have to spend on replacing and training new members of staff can be used elsewhere.

These are just a few of the many business benefits of promoting a healthy workforce.  The company has just as much to gain as an employee from implementing a good health and safety plan.  Creating a healthy workforce isn’t expensive or complicated, so these benefits definitely outweigh any costs or time lost in producing a health and well-being management plan.