The Power of an Active School Day

The wide-ranging benefits of active schools have been outlined by charity Youth Sport Trust and the list of advantages make for a compelling argument to encourage more schools to get involved.

Establishing healthy lifestyles

Did you know that half of eight year olds fail to get the recommend hour of daily exercise? It’s an issue that becoming a major concern as obesity rates among children and adults alike continue to rise. Introducing short bursts of activity throughout the school day can help to build healthy habits.

Improving body confidence

Body confidence plays a huge role in the wellbeing of children, particularly as they enter their teenage years. Nine in ten British girls are unhappy with their body and it’s not an issue that’s limited to girls either. With a focus on health and activity, schools can play a role in creating a healthy body image that will support confidence.

Boost employability skills

Physical activity isn’t just about health either, it can also play a part in developing employability skills. From communication to working as a team, active schools can help their pupils develop the soft skills that employers today are keen to see in their employees.

Ability to develop leadership potential 

Whether during a short active break or as part of a competitive team, physical activity presents opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills. Contributing to confidence and helping to develop skills that can be useful as they grow, leadership qualities can prove invaluable.

Create a sense of accomplishment 

Achieving anything can help boost a child’s sense of accomplishment and propel them to greater things. Mastering physical activities or improving their skills can help school aged children work towards new goals. By successfully tackling new challenges, active schools can boost pupils’ self-belief.

Develop life skills

There are many life skills that can be developed through physical activity, including motivation, problem solving, managing stress, and working together. Activity being incorporated across the school environment can help pupils to develop these crucial skills that will complement their academic learning.