The NHS estimates that from 2010-2011, around 10.8 million days were lost because of work-related stress, depression and anxiety.  That figure cannot be ignored, so it is vital that you don’t become a statistic under pressure – try these top tips for dealing with stress if you feel yourself getting anxious or worrying unduly about things outside of your control.

Take Control with Time management

You must be in the mindset that any problem can be solved.  Finding a solution may take time or overcoming a challenge, but positive thinking is crucial for finding the solution to every problem.  If you believe that you don’t have control of a situation or the power to change it, the feeling of stress will get worse.  Managing your time effectively will also help take control of a problem, so take time out of your schedule to make a plan of action for each day.

Just Say No

It is a fact that UK workers work longer than anyone else in Europe.  This skewed work-life balance can lead to an unhealthy amount of “down time” that everybody needs to recuperate.  Start utilising your weeknights to do something you enjoy – be it socialising, exercising or relaxing.  Even spending quality time with your family can help, and making a plan for each night will help you refuse the temptation to work overtime.  Say no to extra hours and extra work, and start saying yes to quality you time.

Get Active 

Any physical activity has the potential to reduce emotional intensity and clear the psyche.   It causes a positive state of mind, allowing you to identify the cause of your stress and deal with it in a calm manner.  Exercise makes you feel strong mentally, so the more you go to the gym or attend a running club, the more prepared you will feel to deal with your problems.  Any physical activity is good for dealing with stress, but yoga is very effective because of the way it fuses exercise and relaxation.  There are many different types of yoga, so you may have to try a few before you find the one for you, but they are all effective in cleansing the body and the mind. If work is a major source of stress, encouraging your employer to make office fitness equipment available in the break room or other area is a great way to get the benefits of exercise without having to leave the office. Even a 5 or 10 minute session can help to reduce stress and anxiety and encourage mind and body to release tension.

If you have tried these tips and are still feeling weighted down by stress or anxiety, then talk to your employer and your doctor before the problem escalates.