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Evidence backed approach to quickly and effectively offset some of the  harmful effects of prolonged sitting

No requirement to change from work clothes due to  brief ( but intense) HIIT sessions

Short intense effort, which gives long-lasting results through caloric afterburn often associated with HIIT training.

Proven to have a positive cognitive impact, particularly improved working memory 

The HIIT station is intended to revive flagging energy levels.  2-3 minutes of intense effort is all that is usually needed to offset some of the damage caused by prolonged sitting and give that jolt of energy to carry you through the next hour. Unlike the other Active stations this one is different in that you use it solely for the purpose of explosive energy bursts.  

For HIIT options choose from:

  • Watt Bike - as used by British Cycling and countless professional teams. Class leading exericse bike which can link into many fitness APIs in order to record your 2 minute outputs

  • WaterRower - Great all round intensive rower targeting all the major muscle groups

For more discete blasts on the HIIT station choose the screen option which offers a 3/4 wraparound

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