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Office Fitness High Riser 2EA Treadmill Desk

  • Variable Height electric sit-stand desk

  • Max. Load on Tabletop: 80 KG

  • Powder coated grey, white or black frame

  • Height Range: 680-1130mm

  • Length Adjustable Frame: 1000-1600mm

  • Speed: 20mm/s

  • Table size: 120x80, 140x80, 160x80 and 180x80 (option)

  • Office Fitness Treadmill is designed to let you walk whilst working at home or at work, offering significant calorie burning

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness, lessen health risks associated with sedentary behaviour

  • 1 - 6 mph, New quieter 500w motor, Product Dimensions: 110cm long, 63cm wide, 20cm high 

  • Runway Belt: 85X36cm

  • Manufacturer's one year warranty

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    Good Option for a walking desk combo
    Review by Fahad Bandar / (Posted on 20/02/2017)
    I did a lot of research into walking desks before deciding to order this one from Office Fitness.

    First off I should say I'm a web designer / developer so I work at my desk all of the time: 12-14 hours per day someimes and I perform all manner of tasks whilst working:

    setting up websites and virtual environments
    o0ccasionally build servers / upgrade pc equipment etc
    talking on the phone / skype to customers
    Instant Messaging colleagues/conractors
    Manipulating photos
    Graphic design

    among others but based on this I decided I'd need a height adjustable desk that would enable me to both sit and stand as necessaary, as I have 4 monitors, UPS, NAS and other equipment the desk would need to be large and support a good weight.

    I debated getting:

    a manual height-adjustable desk - no chance, this would be a recipe for disaster plus most of them seem to need 2 people to adjust to ensure both ends are level whilst moving.

    a hand-crank height adjustable desk - possible but I can imagine the handle would get lost and when I researched it very few of them extended as far as I wanted and came out about the same price as the electric desk I ended up buying.

    I also ruled out any all-in-one desk/treadmill combos as I could not see how I would be able to work without my steps causing the desk and monitors to move. I want to be able to sit if I need to and also just stand and move the treadmill out of the way should I need to.

    So - I have been using the height-adjustable desk for a week and I have to say that I really enjoy working at it and I view it as by far one of my best purchases.

    The desk is electrically adjustable between 65cm and 125 cm - there should be a good enough range there to cover most people.

    The hight is adjusted by clicking the up or down buttons on the control panel. You can also set up to 4 preset heights as well. I press 1 to set the desk at 105 cm or 2 to set it at the lower sitting height and it just does it automatically. The desk surface is 6 feet which is a good size - all mof the working bits are within this footprint so if you have a little bit of clearance on every dimension (couple inches?) then it goes up and down happily.

    It probably took me a couple of hours to put it all together.
    The instructions were generally good except for the part where you add the control box to the frame.
    I was able to work it out fairly easily though and I also fed the info back to Paul at Office Fitness who said they will update the instructions to cover this.

    The desk comes with all of the parts etc necessary to build it.

    The treadmill that comes with this package is just a low-end walking treadmill that goes up to 6 kph.
    I find it perfectly adequate and can happily walk and work at 3kph which means I'm being a lot less sedentary during the day (I am also writing this review whilst walking on the treadmill).

    The treadmill comes ready set up just to slide under the desk and use immediately - it took me 5 minutes to set up.

    The treadmill also comes with an optional frame so that you can use it as a free standing treadmill with handbars.
    However I personally don't see why you'd need this.
    The treadmill is perfectly adequate for walking - if your aim is also to use the treadmill to run or do anything else then you'd need to buy a higher spec one.

    The only minor niggle I have with the treadmill is that it stops after 30 minutes - but this is not really a problem for me as I use this as a reminder to get myself a drinkn of water or just start it again.

    The control for the treaqdmill is connected by a trailing wire and you can just leave thde control on the desk while you work.

    All in all the desk/treadmill combination is pretty near perfect for me.
    Others might want to purchase a different treadmill if they wanted one with more functionality.

    The minimum space I'd say you need to use these 2 items together woulld be just over 6 ft square.

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