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Received and loving it! I have already recommended it to a dozen other fitness fanatics. One of them called an under-desk treadmill "the dream".

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-John Myers

Director, The Aughton Group

Transformed my home office so that I'm standing/walking for at least 3 hours per day and this has enabled me to solve programming problems that I've been stuck on for ages. It really seems to be true that certain tasks are much easier to think about and make progress on when moving. There is something both creative and then frustrating about pro...

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-Andy Hunt

Programmer, England

I believe we need a new concept for fitness, as sport and exercise do not accomplish the task we do them for. In short, if you run three miles, you exercise hard enough to boost the bodies hunger mechanism, and thus eat more calories than the 300 you burned off. But if you walk 3 miles, you burn the same calories, without upping the hunger mechanis...

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-Professor Eric Anderson

Professor Of Sports Health And Exercise, University Of Winchester

The bike was bought to provide some exercise while working/discussing or simply thinking?.I think it does often help when people are thinking through a problem, or trying to solve something, they find it a good way of releasing their thinking energy! If this makes sense. I notice when there is a problem being discussed or disagreements, staff pa...

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-Jessie Fentiman

Business Development Manager, Comar Optics

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