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Up to 15% discount for the best video reviews

Being fit doesn’t mean spending long hours in the gym and spending too much on high-end gym equipment sacrificing your work hours and family time. At Office Fitness, we aim to provide fitness and activity while at the office. We are launching this program because we are keen to know how you keep fit and active at work, whether it’s with our products or using the office equipment available to you. We are accepting video reviews shot using your camera videos and we’ll give you up to 15% refund on your purchase. 

I’m interested, what do I need to do?

All you need to do is record a video review. You can review a single product or a set of products or if it relates, how you stay active in a busy office  ( we mention busy office because home workers do not really have the issues of acceptance from colleagues and so we’re keen to focus on shared office space). The video can be any length over 15 seconds, and you need to give permission for us to use it on our website and social media. It doesn’t need to be professional quality – a phone camera is fine. But the better the video you make, the higher discount voucher you'll receive - up to 15% - so it pays to focus on quality. Ideally, we want it to be useful to others. So, if you've bought a treadmill how did you find the adjustment to walking and working, whether productivity has been impacted, whether you plan your tasks based on whether or not you'll be on the treadmill ( eg. reading or phonecalls= treadmill, keyboard work=no treadmill).  

How do I send my video to Office Fitness?

Send your videos to us is via any file sharing eg. Gdrive,  Dropbox, WeTransfer or directly via the review page for the product you’ve purchased. To claim your reward you must share the video file with us as well. This is so that we can edit it to include our logos and upload it onto the website or any of our social media channels.

You can send the download link to You will be notified via email upon receipt of your entry.

How do I get my discount?

After the necessary review of your video, we’ll get in touch with you. We will inform you about the result of your video entry. If it qualifies the team will refund up to 15% based on length and quality

How does Office Fitness decide what discount to give out?

The discounts are awarded primarily on the length and quality of your video submission and other factors. We’re looking for clear shots of the product, quality sound, and steady camera work or if it’s not of a product, how well the subject matter addresses the cause of being active at work. The amount of discount is at the full discretion of our team and cannot be changed once awarded.

What is a 'qualifying' video?

A qualifying video is one that we can use on our website and social media properties. This remains at the full discretion of the Office Fitness team. Here are some tips on how to create a qualifying video:

  • Use quality lighting

  • Ensure the camera is stable and steady - no abrupt or quick movement changes

  • Vocal sound needs to be clear and no background noise

  • Ensure that the product is visible as much as possible

  • Close-ups or panning shots of the product are recommended if possible

  • The product must be clearly identifiable as Office Fitness and the correct name used - ideally the logo on the product will be shown clearly during the video so this can be used as the thumbnail image

  • Don't add titles, overlays or embed any links within the video. These will be added by our team in post-production if needed

  • Focus more on reviewing the product  or if it’s not about a product focus on the human story behind whatever means you’ve found to stay active in the office

  • Avoid having any other products or logos in the video

  • Demonstrate the product if possible

  • Do not include the price of the item in the video. These would have to be rejected as our prices may need to vary from time to time

  • If shooting using a phone camera, shoot on a landscape mode

Anything else I should know?

If you'd prefer not to send a video we offer a 5% refund for any text based review which can be submitted on the product page.  If you do submit please let us know as it's not always  clear to match a reviewer with your original order

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